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Currently the HANSE, as an international association of cities in Europe, is represented by 176 cities in 16 countries with more than 20 million people. Being a rather tourist and culture- orientated association the HANSE now aims at forming a strong basis for an international business network.

To achieve this, the project HANSE BUSINESS reloaded in cooperation with the Westphalian Hanseatic League, the regional development agency Herford, the Transferagentur (TAFH) of the Münster University of Applied Sciences (MUAS), MUAS and the Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre Münster (S2BMRC) was initiated.

Based on a location analysis of selected HANSE cities, the business structures, strengths and development potential of the respective city and region are identified. To foster the business network idea, examples of new cooperative business relationships are provided in the frame of this project.

For more information on the HANSE please refer to the navigation on the left or visit http://www.hanse.org/en/



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